Provincial Health
Services Authority

Workplace Health - Safe Patient Handling

The following is a series of instructional video elearning courses developed by the PHSA for a variety of patient handling procedures used in healthcare settings. For use outside of PHSA, please request permission from PHSA and ensure proper acknowledgement regarding the information is provided.
It is recommended that users review the Patient Handling Guidelines course before taking any of the other courses. It is also recommended that the Overview courses be taken prior to any of the mechanical lift courses.

Patient Handling Guidelines HoverMatt
Ceiling Lift - Overview HoverJack
Ceiling Lift - Universal Sling Slidersheet - Boosting & Turning
Ceiling Lift - Boosting, Turning & Lateral Transfer Lateral Transfer Sliding Board
Ceiling Lift - Lifting Patient from the Floor Assisting a Patient from Lying to Sitting
Total Body Floor Lift Standing Transfer - Bed to Chair/Commode
Sit/Stand Lift Lowering a Patient to the Floor

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